Pearl care

The acquisition of a valuable pearl gem should be a pleasurable memory for long. Therefore we have collected a few tips for your guidance:

  1. Pearl jewellery should be kept apart from other jewellery in pouches or boxes to avoid scratches or other damage.
  2. Pearls should not be exposed to sunlight or the direct heating for long. The outer shell may dry up, causing a change of colour or a loss of luster.
  3. Your should part with your pearl jewellery during your daily shower of bath. The same applies for swimming in pools or sea water. Normally, swimming pool water contains a variety of chemical substances, the sea may not be pollution free.
  4. Basically, your pearl jewellery should add a finishing touch to your appearance AFTER applying make-up and doing your hair. Don’t wear pearls on your skin just after using body lotion. Cosmetics and pearls don’t go well together. Deodorants, sprays, perfumes and creams contain oily or bleaching substances.
  5. No need to wear your pearl jewellery when you are busy with household jobs. Detergents contain chloride or whitener.
  6. After wearing your pearl jewellery wipe the pearls gently with soft tissue or cloth, dipped in alcohol. Alcohol removes the remains of sweat, dust and dirt..
  7. The easiest pearl care is this: place in lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a year. A mild dishwashing detergent helps to remove dust and dirt. Rinse with clear water afterwards.
  8. After washing your pearls, leave them to dry on a soft cloth for 24 hours. Room temperature is sufficient.
  9. Every 2-3 years, pearls can enjoy a gentle rub with olive oil to preserve luster.